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We pulled into North Shore park at 6am. Todd pointed out a brand new gate at the park entrance. It’s a shame that a quasi-governmental agency can shut the gate on rate-payers.

Two boats launched ahead of us, we were on the water with no delay. The runout was a sublimely cool meterological fall morning, clouds occasionally obscuring the waning moon. We started at ”The Notch”, a name I’ve given to this part of the lake.

Todd gave me a five minute head start while he fiddled with tackle. I threw a popper and a senko but did not get bit, doh!

Todd climbs to the front deck, casts out BBH and promptly gets slammed by a nice bass. He boats four more in short order. I grab up the fluke rod and quickly make up the difference. We did not move from this spot for three hours.

We had a great day, a damn sight better than last time we were here. I’ll estimate the count per lure:
twenty-seven on TR BBH, fourteen on fluke, three on drop-shot and one on top. Nothing over three pounds, but most were healthy good-looking fish. No schooling. WT was 88°F at dawn and 91°F at noon. Off at 1pm.
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