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I love the warm summer weekends, especially the triple digit three day kind. This morning, the dilemma was Lady Bird or Bastrop. On the plus side, Lady Bird has some big bass. However, it’s tough to focus on fishing instead of bird-dogging all the fine women. I mean no matter which way you turn, you are surrounded by incredibly beautiful Texas women. In bikinis.

And the snot grass is annoying. I don’t like to splat the lure to clean it. I’m not OCD about my presentation, but you rarely see forage swimming around tangled up with plant parts. I pull every filament by hand.

Bastrop doesn’t have a lot of algae. Bastrop has eel grass. Bastrop has hydrilla, hell to the yeah!

I dropped the Uncle Buck’s Pond Prowler off the tailgate at 6:00am. Wind was kicking up a bit as I departed North Shore and trolled to the favorite shoreline. I anchored up on a channel drop-off and started drop-shotting. I said to myself, “What are you doing, the bass are shallow.”

I pulled the anchor and pushed up close to the reeds. I could see bream beds in the foot deep water. I tossed a wacky senko at the reeds and it got smoked by a Bastrop chunk! Great battle in the skinny water. The bass was too shallow to get vertical momentum for a jump, but the tail walking was spectacular. Stoked to get her in the boat, for sure.

Friday, I posted about patterns eluding us at Bastrop. Five fish on one type of lure could be considered a pattern, and we had two five-fish lures: BBH and Tiny Fluke. Today, I wanted a lure to manifest a half-baked pattern into a pattern. Still didn’t happen.

After sunrise, I moved half-way out of the cove along the favorite shoreline. I anchored up where the eel grass meets the hydrilla. The bass were absolutely killing the Baby Brush Hog. I got nine while anchored, several of them skinny fun-fish. After two hours of that, I pulled the anchor and let the wind blow me out of the cove. Along the way, I caught one on Pond Magic spinnerbait.

I resumed drop-shot and got two. One more senko fish. Nothing on Fluke Junior. I made the rounds but nothing from the hump or the dam pocket. Fourteen fish. Off at 1:00pm.
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