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We pulled into a deserted South Shore Park at first light. Idling away from the ramp, the lake looked fishy with surface mist rising to a nearly new moon.

Getting up on pad is exhilarating for this Non-boater and the ride out was sublime. We pulled up to our first spot near a stubby point. Todd started catching fish right away, getting two on moving baits before we settled into throwing soft plastics.

We had around a dozen when we decided to explore a bit, fishing up a backwater and catching five fun-fish and a turtle with senkos. We tried the shoreline across from the North Park and hauled water, so we agreed that we should run to the main lake hump.

I tied on a shakey-head and Todd was drop-shotting. I got nice tap and r'ared back. I was lucky to get a hookset (my drag was way too loose) and boated my Bastrop PB (4-4).

Todd was steady catching fun-fish until he ran out of flouro leader and rigged his drop-shot with straight braid. At that point it seemed he was starting to get more bites and catch bigger fish. A bit unconventional, but that's what happens when you start thinking like a fish. Off at 1:30 PM. WT=63°F
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