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Well I got out on LA and wow it was an amazing view. I was out with Pro Crafty Jr and he hooked me up and showed me how to use that sinko that I have been hearing about. We used the watermelon with black and red specks and we hooked up on about 15 fishes between us, PCJ has all the pics also hooked into some big sunfish didn’t mean to but they hit the Sinko like they were bass. I mean PCJ said that he was a great day out on the lake not to many wake boats out there we hit the cliffs and man it was a good day I would say the water was like glass at some spots

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Sorry for the delay. Nothing huge today again but being able to put fish in the boat is always a good thing.  

Good sized Sunfish

Another View same fish

16" Keeper

Enjoyed it Tim! Good luck to those on Belton next weekend in Fishin' for Freedom, wish I could be there!
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