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Lake Austin Wednesday

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Date : 6/24/09

Fishing time : 6:30 - 10p
Air temp : 102 in the shade
Water Temp : South lake was from 84 -87
Clarity : about normal south, maybe a little more stained due to traffic
Fishing: TTZ Wed night

Andy and I headed South to start mainly focused on shallow shady water with Black Angel jigs, and a Yamamoto flapping hog in watermelon red trailer.

One tiny keeper resulted so we ran further South and fished the reeds with Yamamoto senkos ( t-rigged 3/16 un pegged tungsten ) in watermelon candy. We pulled 3 more keepers, two dinks and one about 2lbs.

Our last stop was a brushpile just north of Millionaire's island. Finally got bit for our number 5 keeper crankin the senko in to leave. Go figure.

We ended with 5 fish for a measly 7+ lbs. That is an embarrassing sack for Travis right now. However, we still were 3rd place so everyone had the same problem.

LA can be very frustrating on a lot of days, and then you catch your PB. I can tell you that you really see and learn a lot when you fish these T's. 25- 28 other guys we out fishing at the exact same time as us. All reported the dink bite was great until the sun went down, same for us.

It showed me that Andy and I did nothing wrong, it was just the big girls were not active. It happens, and it boosts your confidence since you know you were not the problem, the fish were the problem.

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Great report Eric. LA can sure be a tough lake. Wish I could have been there last night. Money has been tight but hoping to fish the next one ;)

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