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Those are some really cool pictures! ;D Sounds like you had a helluva time out there today. I almost made it out but I'm still on baby watch. Due date was yesterday so I figure I better stick pretty close to home.

I like the way you put them together with the date on it. That's a pretty good idea. Then you can look back through pictures and remember!

Cool Stuff!!

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I always put the photos in a collage, so they are all on a single 8x10 page. Using Photoshop CS3, I add the date, the lake, and the size. When I fish the APD bass club tournaments with Robert (Ranger R77), I put our fish caught in a collage with the number of lbs. for our best 5 fish. Good luck fishing...hope to hit the lake this weekend, may try to get out to Bastrop for the fish fry.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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