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So I finally put the boat on the water at Lake Austin for the first time since moving here from Utah a couple of months ago. I don't remember what day exactly, but I think it was like the 23rd or so. I had a couple of hours to spare before work, and I wanted to make sure everything on my boat/trailer was still in good shape after just sitting for the last couple months. So I gave it a quick dunk...

Put in the water around 2PM or so and was off just after 4PM. Never fished LA before, but I was a little nervous about actually catching anything in only 2 hrs from all the reports I hear about getting skunked out there. Maybe I lucked out? Put a 3lber in the boat on my fifth cast and had four more in the boat by the time I got off the lake. I had about 13-14lbs for the five of them. All on a spinnerbait...
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