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Lake Austin - Dec 13, 2008

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Launched at 360 and fished the Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club of Austin club of Austin tournament from 7AM to 3PM.

Only had 3 bites all day - a 5lber, 3.5lber and one that barely measured.

All fish were caught on watermelon red 1/2 oz fooball/rock jig with Nichols Lures Watermelon Red Creature bait as a trailer. Targeted any piece of rock I could find. The wind really started picking up around 10AM. Sure enough my cranking battery died after the wind picked up.

Spent an hour rewiring my battery to one of my trolling motor batteries. Been putting it off long enough -motivation for me to install a battery switch in case this happens again

Felt like I was fishing at Amistad, when I reeled up the 5lber, a wolf pack of about 4 others with with her. I tried yelling at my wife to pitch to them, but it was too windy for her to hear. ;-)

Finished the day up fishing across the 360 ramp before the weigh in. I saw an Academy Envelope floating in the water and decided to pick it up. As luck would have it, there was a fishing license inside. Guess it was our lucky day, won the club tournament and found a fishing license floating in the water. ;-)

If anyone knows Timothy Fielding from Austin, please give him my phone number posted at and I'll make sure to get his license back to him. If I don't hear from him soon, will just go ahead and mail it back to him.
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I Googled his name and got this. So if the address is the same then here is his phone number.

4131 Spicewood Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78759
Thanks Nitro,

That number is disconnected, I'll go ahead and mail it to him.
Bassman, I just carry a set of jumper cables in the back of the boat for just such an occasion. Much cheaper and almost as fast. :)
Thanks but I used to carry them too and have not had good success with them working...I have been able to jump other boats but not my own....I thought my jumper cables were bad but I verified they were good (I Ohmed them out with a Multimeter). The Optimax takes much more power to start than an EFI or other engines, most likely this is why, but I am not sure.
I bought a dual purpose crank/trollmotor battery and installed it as an extra battery with a switch that will connect it for crank or troll or off. It works great. I installed it in my boat and swimbaits boat. Comes in real handy on windy days when you use the troll motor a lot. Don't need jumper cables except for helping other boats.

As far as LA goes it has kicked my butt the last 6 times over the last three weeks. 2 keepers in 5 times out. Got lucky in last Sat in the MMBC tournament with 3 fish and finishing 2nd right behind Robert and Lesli. 11 boats with a count of 4, 3, 3, 2, and 1 or less. Pretty hard fishing for all of us.
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