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Hit Quinlan at 6:30 Monday morn. The fog was so thick visibility was near zero until about 7:30. Fished the bluff side with topwaters and cranks from the park up to the boat docks past Honey Creek. Had some blowups on the chugger but no connects and only boated two dinks on the cranks. Got totally bored by 10am and headed back to the house, even though the atmospheric temp was only 82 degrees at that hour.

Tuesday I went downlake. Put in at 6am, Loop 360. Much better day. Two keepers on a clear Kinami chugger over the grass beds by the marina across from Hula Hut. Then went over to the other side and alternated a 5" Senko in 222 color (christmas tree) T-rigged with a 1/16oz bullet, and an H20 medium diver in Sassy Shad. These baits gave up 5 more bass, up to 2lbs, from the water treatment plant up to the seawalls between the entrances of the canals.

Had some appointments to meet that day, so I got off at 10:30. Air temp was 87 degrees on my return to the ramp. Total was 7 keepers, probably about 10 or 11 pounds of fish.
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