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Lake Austin 4-8-08

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It started out slow and it ended slow. I was able to pick up one here and one there, but I could not find a steady bite. On my third cast with a crank bait, I got hammered by a two pound bass. Man I just knew the bite was going to awesome. But it was some time later before I ever felt another fish on the end. I ran up to the upper end and I found a few more fish. To make long story short, I did manage to stick one pretty nice fish that made the trip worth while. I also picked up ShakyHeadworm to fill my back seat and we shared several good fishing stories. The company was great, but the fish bite was awful. I ended up with a total of ten fish in an eight hour period.
Another fishing buddy of mine had called me up to se how I was doing. As we were talking I stuck this bass. I then told him, hey man I got a good fish on, let me call you back. I didn’t even hang up the dang phone, I just set the phone down on the deck still opened and fought this thing in. He calls back again in a few minutes to see how much the fish weighed right. Well, while we are on the phone for the second time, I stick another fish, so this time I put the phone on speaker phone and set it back down. I told him that I had him on speaker phone and that I had another fish on, can you hear it splashing around, which he could. LOL That was kind a comical. He got a kick out of it anyways.

This fish weighed in at 5lbs. 1 oz..

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Nice fish, great story, nothing like sharing your fishing with your friends. Eat Sleep Fish Skeeterdale
Nice pics. Sounds like you ought to spend more time on the phone while your fishing. They like to bite when your distracted.LOL
Jim ;)
Had  a good time fishing with Fishy last night.  The fish didn't cooperate for us too much, but we still managed to have a great time.  It was a beautiful night.  It was nice to catch up and share stories, it has definately been a while.  Fishy, just let me know when you want to head over this way again.  It's my turn to take you out on the lake.
It's funny how we get used to calling people by their screen name. I've known Doug for a few years and when he hooked the 5.1, I caught myself saying, "that's a good fish, Fishy."    
Hmmm you dont appear to be "grounded".....

Let me guess, you told the wife and kids you were just running down to the store for a bit...
No, for real I am grounded. Lets see, in the past nine days I've only been fishing six times and I went to Nascar once. Shoot, I love being grounded. In fact, I can't wait for her to spank me next. ::) ::) ::)
Hey Doug,

Way to go !!

Does anybody ever get into the lake out at the Alcoa plant ?? I used to fish there alot years ago when I lived in Round Rock. Caught some awesome bass there !!!

No Bill, it has been closed for a long time now. I have no clue when they actually closed this lake to the public, but I have been here for nineteen years now and it was closed when I arrived. I was told that it had something to do with someone drowning on the lake, and the survivors of the victim tried to sue Alcoa over the incident. After that they just shut her down all together.
Bill @ S.O.B. Lures said:
Hey Doug,

Way to go !!

Does anybody ever get into the lake out at the Alcoa plant ??  I used to fish there alot years ago when I lived in Round Rock.  Caught some awesome bass there !!!

Yes you did catch a lot of fish out there. We used to fish in the Austin Anglers club years ago. T
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