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Lake Austin 3-27

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Well we made the trip from Wisconsin and got on the water today. Caught about 12 fish, a 5.9lb being the biggest. Good to be back on the water. For a while anyway. Will fish tomorrow and try to get a bigger one. I have a picture but can't figure out how to post. Any tips where to fish would be appreciated.

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Doesn't sound like you need any tips. Hell I was gonna ask you for tips. :)
Frozen_Charlie said:
Any tips where to fish would be appreciated.Charlie
Lake Travis....... ;)

Glad you go on the water.  Thanks for the report and welcome to Texas!  Hope you figured out what the deal with your trailer tires was.  If not I'm sure one of the shops I mentioned can take care of you before you head back home.  

Anyway, Glad you had a decent day on the water.  Might want to check out Lake Travis as well.   So what'd you think of the Lake for your first time out?

Photo tips: Head over to the misc. section and theres a topic pinned at the top of that section that explains how to post a pic.
Lake is great!! Traffic sucks!! I thought it would be easier to get to the water. Not used to the hustle and bustle. Wish there was some weeds, hard to find structure. There is rock everywhere but the fish I found were not relating to the rock. Looked for spawners some did not see any. My tire deal is not fixed.
Dealer said axle is bent but I never hit anything and tire did not wear funny before. Dont know what to do yet.
I'am headed out there tomorrow. You use plastics? Thats pretty good for the first time I have a hard time matching that.
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