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Lake Austin 3/15

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Fished Lake Austin yesterday from 10:30 - 1pm.

Managed a few decent fish throwing the shaky head around the mouths of some of the creeks mid lake, actually come to think about the shaky head is the only thing I caught fish on.

Biggest about 3lbs caught maybe 2 other chunks and a few dinks. Water was pretty clear considering all the rain we got.

Take Care
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I was planning on making it out but could not bring myself to get out of the house sunday...

How was the water temps?
I fished yesterday from about 1 to 7 pm from Quinlan to near the dam. Water temps were in the mid 50's near Quinlan to 60 on the low end. Tried to fish what was working last week without a sniff. The only way I got bit was well up under docks. The bite was weird. They took the bait softly and then "quickly" swam off with it. Catch rate was good once I keyed on docks. Big fish was a little under 5 with a few more in the 2 to 3 pound range. My limit would have gone about 15 pounds.
Glad to hear you still remember how to hook a few Charlie.

Still waiting to get out with ya and drink some coldies and rip a few lips. Anytime you have available just let me know.

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