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AirFob and I fished LA from 1:30p to 4:30p

Water Still Green

Temp Warming - Some off main lake areas were 66  ;)

Overall conditions : Very Crowded !! ( Spring Breakers )

Anyway, we just wanted to check out some shallow areas, but it was no good.

Went to Ski Shores for a Border Burger! That was a major score as always.

Caught one dink across from Hula.

Was about to leave when we slipped into the channel behind Millionarie island.

Caught a couple shorts, and Fob hung a 5 lbs under one of the bridges.

That was about it. Nice to get at least one chunk.

We were parched so stopped at BD's for a refreshment.


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Juke that is the wrong avitar pic. Are you going thru fish withdrawls. What up.
On a more positive note. Glad you located a cold one EA & Air Fob. It is a warm one today. The ladies should be heading to the nests soon.
Juke will be fishing for bucks though by the looks of things. LOL
Jim ;D

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I did some sight fishing at the Hula Hut at lunch today.

I think I saw BTMS or a boat that looks like his leaving the docks as we were taking a seat at the Bar. Someone in an older Ranger was working over the area to the right of HH pretty heavy or could have been sight fishing the pier. ;)
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