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Lake: Lake Austin
Date:  02/12 Time: 7:30am – 12:30pm
Weather: Clear Sunny 60 degrees
Water Conditions: visibility 2-3 ft, water temp very cold that's for sure!
Lures used: Fat Free Citrus Shad color
Bass Count: 2
Launched from Walsh Landing, lake is about 85-90% full.

Well first, I want to say thank you to all of you fellas out there for the tips, and suggestions, the valuable information that has been given over the years, months, and weeks. Day after day, this website has proven that what you learn from here, and with patience, you are bound to be successful on any lake you fish. I thank the good Lord for such a beautiful day as well, what a blessed day I had out on Lake Austin.

With all that said, I caught my personal best late this morning, 8 lbs. 11oz, and 45 minutes later caught a second bass that went 6 lbs 7oz.  I actually thought the second one was truly the big one, because that one fought me hard and it took longer to bring her in the kayak. Also, before all of this happened, honestly I almost went home early, kayak my butt of today, was cold and tired, but I thought I try the same spot I fished earlier and give it one more try again. Well being patient on Lake Austin finally paid off; I only wished I had someone to take a nice pic pose of me holding it, rather than my long extended arm pose. Other than that, it was amazing landing that big one, and letting both of them go for another angler to catch and enjoy as well. Now I can finally say I caught an 8 pounder on this lake, what a great feeling.  I’ve caught bass last month and now in February, starting out well this year in bass fishing, maybe this is the year I will catch a 10 pound plus!

8 lb 11oz

6 lb 7oz
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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