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I almost did not post because the day was so uneventful. But I thought if someone is out there struggling and just wants to get bit, this report may help. I put in at Quinlan and caught 14 fish in 45 minutes without starting the big motor,, all on Flukes. Big fish of the 14 was 13 and a half inches and most were less than 13. I probably had another 20 bites that I did not hook. I finally got tired of catching the little critters and headed downlake. I only caught 2 in about an hour and half. One weighed 2 and the other 3.2. Went back to Quinlan to leave and tossed a few more flukes and caught another 4 dinks. I am not too good on Austin, so the little ones were welcomed. I fished 11-3, water temps 61 at Quinlan and about 58 down by the golf course.
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