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Here is the big fish from out Saturday/Sunday August 21-22nd night tournament.  Weighed in at City Park if you are not familiar with that dock!!  It weighed in at 11.15 lbs on our scales.  We had 3 other fish over 5 lbs too.  Rich also had the heavy stringer at 17lbs.

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nice fish! What did you catch it on? down river?
All I am told is a texas rig soft plastic.
Very nice LA Toad! Congrats on your catch. Thanks for sharing.

Lake Austin is heating up! Just in time too, school is back in session. Nice fish.
Very nice fish, congrats!!!
Awesome fish... man... our club shoulda had that tourney on that night instead of the previous one...!!!! ;)
WTG, very nice. Mike
WOO man thats a nice fish! cant wait to get back on austin!~
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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