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Lake Austin 1/17

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Temp: 48
Clarity of water between 4ft -5ft
Lures: Crank baits fire tiger and Shad Rap
Time: 7:00am -11:30am
Total bass caught 4

Launched my kayak this morning from Walsh Landing, kayak past Laguna Gloria, and started fishing the Austin City Watershed Structure Building, and work my way back toward the Walsh launch ramp.  For the next hour and half fishing was slow, and then caught a small dink under a pound. Around 9am, started fishing the docks against the cliffs that were still in water.  Caught my second bass, but somehow that bass wrapped my line around a folding chair, lucky for me I had 20lb test line, pulled in the bass along with the chair.  Managed to untangle the bass and my line off the chair, that was not a simple task on the kayak let me tell you. That bass went 2.7lbs, nice fish. Fished along the cliffs, with another boat dock in water still and landed same crank bait that bass went 3.8lbs, almost a 4pounder, continued to fish the rocky cliffs and the fourth bass caught went 1.8lbs. Nice fishing day, since I have not been on the water since September.  Next time, will probably try 360 bridge, since boat ramp at Walsh is pretty slippery and muddy if you’re not careful, almost lost it there at the edge.

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Man thats a fatty.. thanks for the report... I'm getting out there probably after its down all the way
Thanks for the report. may stick the canoe on the truck for a little fishing tomorrow
WTG, nice fish!
Very nice report, sounds like a great time. Thanks for the report!
Nice fat fish, at first glance that one looks way bigger than 4, but its a close up.
Nice ones! That last pic sure makes it look bigger than a 4lb!!
Good report, it's starting to come alive!
Gentlemen, you’re welcome, hope to read up on all your reports as well. Good luck fishing this month during the drawndown, I am looking forward in hearing someone hook the BIG ONE, can’t wait to see that pic!  Tomorrow’s fishing is going to be better than today, wished I had another day off, and give 360 a try.

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I was on LA wednesday at 360 from 2 to 6p.  
I caught one while strolling with a deep crank bait.  
My partner had better luck.  His best 5 went 15+ with a 5.5 and a 3.5 also on crank bait but while fishing against the rock across from the ramp.  

I have a pic but haven't figured out how to post it....
I fished north of City Park on wed from about 4:30 to 6. I was throwing a DD22 along the bank and was dragging a rattle snake. Not a single bite. Wind was high so I just let it blow my kayak all the way down both sets of rocks.
Heading out there agian today, hopefully things will change. Maybe hit up the rocks under the bridge.
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