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September 15, 2010

Check out recent catch pics at swtexasbassguide

Bass fishing on Lake Amistad has been fair to good over the last 10 days. Fishing a few tough days last week and then after spending last weekend at the PAA event in Dallas, this week my clients and I have been boating 12-20 keeper fish per day with the biggest being 7+ lbs. The average fish size has been around 3lbs.

Fall is still not quite here yet and many of the fish continue to wait for its arrival before beginning to eat heavily though out the day. Water temps on the lake are still warm, 83-86 degrees, and will continue to stay high for the next week or so with continued warm temperatures in the forecast. The best fishing time has been the first 3.5 - 4 hours in the mornings as the fish are aggressively attacking topwaters. The bite slows down in the afternoons, but working crank baits and texas rigged plastics will produce some results. Despite very little rain locally here in Del Rio over the last 2 weeks the lake continues to stay a couple feet above conservation pool.

Current Patterns -
Shallow: Topwaters frogs, like the El Grande Lures Sapo, continue to be productive in the morning hours around the duck weed grass and the salt cedar flats. The key to success for me has been to stay as shallow as you can behind much of the shoreline grass. As the sun gets higher I am switching over to lightly weighted texas rigged worms and craw fish imitations. Working the baits very slowly in the shallow water areas around the grass has proven to be the best tactic.

Mid-Depth: Working smaller profile baits like the 7’ Berkley Power worm have been productive in the 10-15 foots depths around the deeper edges of pond week and hydrilla. If the savy angler has a good working knowledge of their sonar electronics you will see suspending baitfish in the 8-12 foot zone. This week I have caught some bass in the 4-5lb class along with some stripers and white bass working crankbaits around the baitfish when it is present.

Deep: Bottom bouncing finesse techniques like the drop shot over deeper water is working in the 35-50 foot range. Be ready to adapt to fishing a little unconventionally because I am catching a quite a few of them suspended over the deep water. I will target those suspended fish when located on the sonar.

See you at the Lake,
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