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March 17, 2011

Spring fishing is in full gear on Lake Amistad as the spawn is underway. I have noticed a large concentration of fish moving to the shallows for the spawning ritual and anglers can work many different types of patterns as fish are in all stages of the transition from deep to shallow. The full moon next week will certainly put the bass on the beds in a big way as the first major spawn of the season will be underway. The Texas side of the lake is producing very well now since the surface water temps have reached the low 60’s all over the Lake. The lake elevation has stayed consistent (1117ft above sea level) although I anticipate this to change soon as they begin to draw water into the Rio Grande Valley for agricultural use.

Current Patterns -

Shallow: The Optimum Baits 5’ BLT swimbait bite has really turned on over the past 2 weeks. I am fishing this lure in 4 different colors based on sun light. The Wagasaki and Sunfish colors are working well in low light conditions while the Tilapia and Bass colors are working well in the bright sun. I have been swimming the BLT around submerged trees and grass in spawning coves and retrieving it slowly for violent strikes. This technique is very productive on the big females that are gearing up to spawn or are already on the spawning beds. I continue catching bass in this depth zone with El Grande Lures Hatch-Match sticks and Zoom trick worms rigged Texas style. Concentrate fishing in the back of protected coves near the back ends of creeks for best results.

Mid-Depth: I am still targeting pre-spawn females in the 10-25ft depth zone. Trees and quick access to shallow flats are key ingredients to finding bass in this depth zone. I have been targeting these fish with Norman DD22 crankbaits, Omega Football jigs and Texas rigged worms with light weights. You must fish slowly and be persistent to connect with these fish as they are more interested in spawning than eating. I recently caught a 9lb 10oz Amistad toad and a 34lb 9oz five fish limit working this pattern.

Deep: This is the best way to take a kid fishing right now and have consistent action. With Spring Break going on this week there is no better time to take a kid fishing and make some memorable fishing experiences on Lake Amistad. Dropshoting vertically in the creek channels in 30-40 foot zone with Optimum Wacky Shads or 4’ Robo Worms is productive in catching lots of smaller bass and sometimes you can get surprised by an Lake Amistad lunker.

See Recent Catch Pics at

See you on the Lake,
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