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Amistad Report –

December 23, 2010

    The last few weeks have been fairly interesting out on the ‘Big Blue’.  We continue to see cold fronts knock the water back into the high 50’s but then followed by some warmer weather that picks the water temps back up into the low 60’s.  The fishing has been reacting the same way as the water temps, up one day and down the next.  It appears the colder days are really bringing the fish out to the river channel drop offs and the deep bite becomes very consistent.  Then on the warmer days the fish are scattered throughout the entire water column.  The water level has stayed steady at conservation pool (117 ft above sea level).
Current Patterns -
    Shallow:  There are quite a few fish in the backs creeks in shallow water on warm days.  These fish tend to be very skittish but some can be caught on wacky rigged worms and lightly weighted texas rigs.  Shallow diving crankbaits have also proven to be effective at times.  We have been testing the new El Grande Lures Triple Laminate Hatch-Match sticks and have been seeing outstanding results.  These new life-like colored soft baits are the real deal.

     Mid-Depth:  Casting jerkbaits over the 10-20 ft zone is producing some decent numbers of fish.  If you can locate some dormant grass associated with old timber then you have the perfect combination for this technique to work well.

     Deep:  I have been having most of my consistent success in the deeper water.  I have found most of the fish to be located on the river ledges and creek channels in the 30-45 foot zone.  I have been fishing these areas with three basic techniques; a football jig, Texas rig plastic worm and dropshotting.

Open Water:  Continue to keep your eyes on the sky as birds are diving at bait fish on the surface of the water in many areas of the lake.  Stripers and some Bass are being caught amongst these large schools of bait fish.  Crankbaits and topwaters are effective ways to target these fish.

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