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November 11, 2010

     Water temps at the lake have come down into the high 60’s and the fish are responding with lots of activity.  Very good numbers of fish are being caught all over the lake; although, some of the bigger fish continue to be elusive it has been made up for by the amount of fish being caught.  The water level continues to drop, but now very slowly as should be the condition for the remainder of the fall and winter months.  The backs of creeks are providing the best numbers and the bigger fish are coming in the 15-25 foot range on the main lake.

Current Patterns -
Shallow:  The jerkbait bite continues to dominate much of the shallow bite; although, this past week the topwater bite was very good in the open water in the back of the creeks.  The spinnerbait bite has also been coming on pretty strong over the last 5 days.  Fishing light weight plastics like the El Grande Lures Hatch-Match stick in the 8-12 foot range produces some of the bigger fish in the shallow zone.

Mid-Depth:  The tried and true Lake Amistad technique of flipping the hydrilla grass in the 10-20 foot range will put quality fish in the boat.  Baits such as Power Team Lures Bully Grass Devil and Power Tackle’s Lateral Perch have been productive.  As the grass begins to break up, continue looking for the ‘green’ hydrilla and the fish will be there until it becomes oxygen depleting and dormant.

Deep:  The Football jig has become the go to bait in this depth zone.  Concentrate your efforts around the 25-35 foot range and keep your offering around wood cover.   Some solid fish are also being taken on big plastics in the deep water as well.  The most productive way to locate some areas to try on your next outing is locate a good map and study the lake bottom.  Look for areas that have quick access to deep water and are near major flats.  I hope your next trip is a successful!

See you at the Lake,
Kurt Dove
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