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January 6, 2011

     Lake Amistad has been fishing very stable over the last few weeks and the conditions should continue to be favorable for excellent winter time fishing throughout the next couple of weeks.  The water temperatures are now steady reading in the mid to high 50’s.  The cold front that is forecast to hit next week will continue to keep the fish bunched up in the deeper water and provide consistent and predictable locations for bass activity.  I am still seeing some sporadic activity in the shallow water but they are here today and gone tomorrow.  The water level continues to stay at conservation pool (1117 ft above sea level), so there is very little current in the lake.

Current Patterns -

      Shallow:  Many of the fish I had been seeing in the backs of creeks have retreated to deeper water; although, I have still been catching some shallow fish with jerkbaits and swimbaits on windy days when I cannot fish preferred locations on the main lake.  These fish are in the 5-15 foot zone but there is little consistency to this bite.  I believe most of the fish in this depth zone are roaming and not holding to any particular piece of cover or structure and that makes it very difficult to pattern.  Most appear to be just chasing shad for an easy meal and then continue off to other locations.

      Mid-Depth:  Casting deep diving jerkbaits, deep running crankbaits and Optimum swimbaits over the 15-20 ft zone is still producing some fish.  If you can locate some dormant grass associated with old timber then you have the perfect combination for this technique to work well.  The key to the jerkbait is fishing slowly.  Long pauses will produce more and bigger strikes.

     Deep:  I continue to primarily concentrate on the deep water fishing.  This is the most consistent pattern right now on Lake Amistad.  The fish are chasing bait a lot in this depth zone and are moving consistently.  The two best patterns that have been producing for me is underwater bluffs and 45 degree deep water drops.
I have been fishing these areas with three basic techniques; a football jig, Texas rig plastic worm and drop shotting with small worms.  The bluffs you will find all along the main river channel (Devils River or Rio Grande) and it is important the top is in about 30 feet and it drop to 70+ very rapidly.  I have been fishing this structure with dropshots and football jigs.  The 45 degree slopping drops will be around the points and creek channel breaks on the main lake at the mouths of creeks.  They should taper fairly fast (45 degrees) from 20-50 feet.  Most of the bites are coming from 25-40 feet.  I am targeting this structure with football jigs and big plastic worms.  The main deal with both of these patterns is a rocky bottom.
 If you locate a group of tightly schooled fish on your sonar then blade baits and slabs will also produce in these situations.

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See you on the Lake,
Kurt Dove

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Great information Kurt and thanks very much!
I'm planning on making my first trip to Amistad in a couple of weeks to celebrate my birthday.  It's something I've been wanting to do for years and I've finally saved enough vacation time to do it.
Sounds like the cold front will keep them in a winter pattern for at least a little while longer.
Thanks again for the update.
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