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Got down to Amistad Saturday, fished from 11-7. Bite was tough, but managed to pull a few fish out on Texas rigged worms in 30 FOW on main lake points and humps. Brutally hot out and we ended up swimming 4 or 5 times throughout the day. Lake was dead calm until a huge front blew in around 6pm, and it turned into an ocean....not very fun in my buddy's 17 foot bass tracker.

Mostly cloudy and a lot cooler Sunday, but the story was pretty much the same. Caught some chunky fish on a grassy hump in 30 FOW, only fished for 5 hours and then headed out. Not exactly what I was hoping for in my first trip down there, but still a good time.

We stayed at Angler's lodge, Carl and Diane are great people. I would highly recommend staying there on your next visit. Food is excellent and they have a great tackle shop.
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