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Headed out to Amistad for the first time since May 2007, and we couldn't have asked for better weather.

Wasn't to sure of the conditions, or pattern so just winging it. Headed up the Rio Grande to some old spots, and started off with a 4.5 lber on the first point we stopped at. Caught lots of fish, (approx 100 fish in 2 1/2 days) but not much size to speak of.

Water temp was 68-73, depending on what end of the lake you are fishing, and the water is the clearest I have ever seen (20ft + visibility in some spots) Fish were post spawn, and I never saw a fish locked on a bed the whole trip.

We had our best luck on drop shots in 10-20 ft on secondary points. Threw big topwaters, swimbaits and spinnerbaits, but only caught small fish on them. Strangest thing, throw a 6 inch -2 ounce topwater and catch a 12 inch fish. throw a 6 inch finesse worm on a dropshot, and catch a 6 lber--go figure.

Biggest fish of the trip was right at 6.5-7 lbs, came off right at the boat. Was babying it, as it was on 8 lb flourocarbon and she came off after two jumps and three runs towards the prop. Caught probably 4-5 fish over four lbs, and a ton of 1-2 lbers.

Good trip, can't wait to go back. That has got to be the most beautiful lake in the US! Never get tired of Amistad.
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