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Launched my drifter kayak at 6:15 am friday at the ramp by the holiday inn by I-35. Wind was blowing 15 mph from the SE. I paddeled to the south side for a wind block and started throwing and trolling south from about 20 feet off the bank. I was trolling big lip cranks and I was throwing a white spinner bait. Picked up three blacks that were around 10 to 12 inches on the white spinner. Got to the south end of the lake and found a gravel bed with no grass on the bottom. Played in the pit with my white spinner bait and picked up 6 white bass to 13 inches. There is a big batch of cattails next to the pit that cries out for a frog but I didn't have one. Threw a pink eye torpedo white with grey stripes. Had a monster black that came up and did a perfect roll right over the top but didn't hook up. Kayaked into the cattails and threw short casts. Picked up two blacks that were 14.5 and 15.5 inches long. After about 10:30 am the bite quit. Paddeled to the north side of the lake and let the wind blow me back to the ramp. Six hour trip. Have some pics but could not figure out how to post them.

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