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I took Saturday off from fishing to experience the long delayed Immersive Van Gogh exhibit at Lighthouse San Antonio.

Monday, I woke early and hoisted Old Glory to start the Independence Day celebration. I launched from Holiday Inn at 5:30AM. I pushed uplake, deliberately skipping over fishy-looking water so I could be on station at Congress for the sunrise schooling. Compulsion overwhelmed me at Waller and I stopped and cast out TR BBH into the darkness and was rewarded with a fun-fish. I pressed on.

I sailed under the Ann Richard bridge at the appointed time. The river current began to flow, the bridge pilings cutting wakes into the water surface. The surface activity was brief. I cast out Chug Bug. I caught two small largemouth and missed a couple with the Chug Bug. I also caught fish with TR 10.5” ribbontail and WW 5” senko.

I trolled on up to First Street, but I made only a dozen or two casts before moving back to Congress. I anchored up and drop-shotted a wacky finesse worm. I hooked into a good’un that came up and spit the worm. Ten minutes later, it was deja-vu all over again, another good’un swimming up and spitting the worm, doh! I refused to move. As it turned out, I’d exhausted my chances at a good fish. But I continued to boat smaller fish, an even mix of fun-fish and cutie-pies, on nearly every cast for the next hour.

Around 9:00AM, I slathered on the sun screen and fished my way back downlake. I caught the pictured fun-fish on TR Ol’ Monster. I went to I-35 and missed a couple strikes on DS. I caught sixteen fish. Off at noon.

I had a couple hours to fish Tuesday morning. I slept in and launched from the Lake Pflugerville pavilion at 6:30AM. The wind was interminable. I fished from anchor and I struggled to get bit. I was blanked with TR BBH, TR ribbontail, WW senko, crankbait and DS finesse worm. Finally I dug down in the tackle bag for the swim worm. I caught four small largemouth from a ditch with the swim worm. Off at 8:30AM.

This morning I overslept and did not get the yak into the Comal river until 7:00AM. The Comal is not the same as last year. The water is warmer and lower with much less current. The water is murkier, too, which is OK for fishing. I drifted downstream from The Last Toober Exit to the confluence with the Guadelupe. I cast senko on the way down and fished a TR finesse worm on the way back up. I caught a cool-looking meanmouth and six largemouth. Off at 8:30AM.
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