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I mulled my options and made the commute to downtown. I launched at safe light and made my usual trek. I was working the shoreline, nothing was biting. Finally I caught a fish at Waller on a senko. I was glad to get the skunk off. I needn’t have worried.

The fish were staying at Four Seasons. I caught three there on chatterbait. I fished the storm drain at Congress and boated six on TR BBH. I caught a couple more on TR Ol’ Monster at First Street. One of them was a decent fun-fish with a crooked back and a black spot on its tail.

I caught a couple on 3.0 swimbait at Shoal. I moved up to Lamar and caught a couple with the chatterbait out of the wort. I looked around the boat to see if there was a rod I hadn’t caught any on. I went to Seaholm and caught four on drop-shot. I started fishing my way back to the ramp, methodically picking apart the south shore with a senko. I caught twelve along the south shore. So I just added that up. It appears I clicked off 32 fish, biggest was 3lb-4oz. Off at 4pm.
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