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Talk about Town and Country. With my suburban lake shut-down for stay-home, I had to hit up the inner city one day and the back woods the next.

Yesterday, I took the boy down to Town Lake for some father/son time. We dropped in at 7:30 and made turns upriver. At Waller Creek, I caught one on a senko. The boy was restless, so we moved quickly. I got another one at the rowing center on TR. I picked up a couple more on lipless at Four Seasons. We switched sides at the Congress Street bridge.

Working downriver from the Statesman, we got a couple more on senko. I anchored up in the bully north wind a cast length from the elevated portion of the Butler Trail. Me and the boy drop-shotted for effect while policing the Trail. When a jogger entered the bridge counter to lawful traffic, we would let them know:
“Pink socks, PINK SOCKS, wrong way, dude.”
“Gray Hoodie, HOODIE. WRONG. WAY.”
“Ten-speed, yeah you TEN SPEED, you’re going the WRONG WAY!”

We hollered at around twenty people and none of them turned around. I think they all had ear buds in, jamming out...
Off at noon.

Today, I did something new. I took the Pond Prowler to Bastrop. LCRA opened the North Shore Park and the people came! I pulled into a long line of pick-ups with yaks and trailers at 7:10AM.

The ramp went like clockwork and I was making turns for the main lake point at 7:30AM. I drifted down the choice shoreline bagging Bastrop unders on senkos and worms, Rippin Rap and DT-6. It was great to be catching ‘em like we should. For grins and giggles I tried the winter drop-shot pattern, but only got one from the main lake hump. The fish are shallow, I caught around twenty-five mostly from the eel grass. Off at 1:30 PM.
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