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I launched alongside a couple of the regular yakkers. I had no trouble keeping up with them as they headed uplake. I stopped and fished Waller Creek drain but no bites. I saw the yakkers pause at the Ann Richards Bridge, briefly, then continue to First Street. I moved up to Congress and fished the honey hole where I caught them last week. Last night I had made a special trip to Academy to get the same worms I was using last week.

Once the sun came up the bites began in earnest. For about an hour I was getting bit on every cast. I was in the zone. I had the right angle, the right lure and the right time. I caught fourteen largemouth between 6:30 and 8:00. I missed or lost at least twice that number. It ended as quick as it started.

The next three hours went by without a catch. I tried a couple of my go-to spots but the fish were lock-jawed. I got to I-35 and tried a drop shot worm. I caught a pretty red ear and a fun fish. Off at noon.
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