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My brother from another mother tossed his rods in the back of the hoopty at 4:30am. I was operating on maybe three hours sleep, Todd an hour less than me. We’re weekend anglers. We don’t work all week to sleep in on our days off. We go fish.

We launched the Pond Prowler (first) from Holiday Inn and went uplake. I wanted Todd to have his right hand for forehand casts so we went across to the south shore elevated hike and bike trail. I was happy the waning gibbous moon would remain overhead to give us some night vision. Todd caught fish on TR stick worm and vibrating jig with diezel trailer. We went around the island and I caught a fun fish on TR Rattlesnake.

Waller Creek beckoned and we answered. We trolled across and fired for effect. A sweeper dangled in the drop-off and a school of cutie-pie bass massed in the branches. They attacked senkos thrown their way and we had fun with them before we decided to look for larger fish. We were making fairly accurate casts at the shoreline cover. We both caught fish over three pounds before the sun came up.

We got caught in a squeeze between a boater and a yak, both of them regulars, and we decided to abandon Waller and press on to Four Seasons. The fish were feeding and we were really having a good time. We doubled from under the same willow tree, but my fish turned out to be an unusual sunfish that we took a moment to admire. I called it a warmouth on the water, but after research, turned out to be a rock bass. Pretty cool looking fish.

We made perfunctory casts at Congress and hauled water. I got a good’un on TR Ol’ Monster at First Street. We stayed moving. I was trying to shake off the morning chill. I thought I should put on another shirt, I realized I was already wearing my Carhartt vest. I really don’t like to be cold, I’m already ready for next summer. We got to Seaholm and I explained to Todd my boat positioning strategy. It must have worked, we both caught good’uns from the grass, Todd’s fish ate the chatterbait while mine choked down a fluke.

We went up to Lamar. We gave it a good go. I was pitching a beaver into the grass and Todd was working the edges. We could not get bit. We started back downlake. The current was washing the Seaholm rocks and we tried all our stuff and not a sniff. Not to make excuses, but we were running on empty. A bass rig on battery with three young men was cruising right up the middle. The two on the front deck were crankbaiting, the young man on the back deck laid out motionless. The pilot asked us how we were doing. Well, Todd told them, we’re better off than the Jagermeister victim on your back deck!

We let the current drift us back along Auditorium Shores. I got one from Stevie Ray Vaughn, which is always cool. It reminded me of a story that I told Todd:

Two weeks ago, I caught a bass while a man on Auditorium Shores watched. He excitedly asked me about fishing. I think he was a newly arrived emigre from Afghanistan. I told him I come here most weekends. He was incredulous and immediately called for his son and wife to join him. He pointed me out to them and said, “Look, he’s fishing AND RELAXING!” It is one of those moments that makes me feel very thankful for being a Texan.

Now it was Todd’s turn to show out for the landlubbers and what a show it was, explosive hooksets with green fish flying out of the water. I was chillaxin’, letting the current and wind drift us around. The bites dwindled away, as the largemouth schooled up to bust on baitfish. I suppose we caught well over thirty between the two of us. We called it good and went to the ramp. Off at 12:30pm.

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Great report. As always you are way ahead. I tried RedBud for a change of pace. Just 2 little guys, not much for 4hrs. Also, caught a rock bass a couple of weeks ago. I was going to post a picture to get confirmation (first time I had seen one at the bird), but now the mystery is solved. Glad you and Todd had a fun outing.

- JT
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