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Todd and I dropped in early, early enough to watch the full moon set, which I hoped would be okay. Todd has only fished here once before, so I was going to take him to all the good spots. The seaworthiness of the Pond Prowler is iffy, so we packed two CG PFD’s and two auxiliary power units (paddles).

We both caught fish from Waller, Todd got three and I got a cutie-pie. I was happy to put Todd on fish early, so I could just go to auto-pilot. We did struggle a bit with seeing shore, blinking our headlamps on and off to try to see the lake bank and preserve night vision.

Todd caught a couple at Seaholm, we pressed on to Lamar. Todd tried a buzzbait over the Barton grass, but nothing jumped on it. The perch attacks were non-stop, those pesky tugs had us spinning in the buggy seats, lures coming out of the water and whistling over our heads. I was starting to get “nangry”. The word comes from “hangry,” the emotion you get when you are mad from hunger. I was mad from not catching bass: NANGRY! Todd and I were engaged in a debate on maritime law, and I was insistently defending my losing position. The debate was ajudicated when a good’un smoked my Rattlesnake, short-lining me. I hooted and hollered while boating the fish, who's nangry now?

We turned our attention to a bass rig cutting across our heading. Todd hailed him, “Good morning!” and the fellow nodded to us. I paused to drop-shot in the grass. The boater was trolling straight thru a gnarly mat to get to the bank. I glanced over at the bass rig and saw tremendous splashing off his starboard gunnel. I yelled, “Get him in the boat!” Todd and I both saw him boat flip a GIANT bass. Cheers erupted from the pedestrian bridge as the angler held the fish up. He stowed the bass in his live well and repeatedly punched his clenched fists downward in celebration. He was stoked for sure! Todd said he put the bass in the live well so he could get pictures later. I said it was because his uncle told him to bring home anything he caught to cook up for dinner.

I finally caught Todd in the fish count. I caught another nice fish, this time on an Ol’ Monster. Then Todd lit the afterburners, going full senko on every cast. He doubled my number in short order. We were making our way back downlake. The sun was really beating on us, and we were grateful for every breeze or shadetree that came our way. I set down my senko rod. I cast out the Rattlesnake and again, I got hammered by a good’un! We went back to Waller. Todd caught four more at Waller. He nearly tripled me in the fish count, but I think I got him on weight!

I thought I’d go back to senko. I felt weight and set the hook on a stump and snapped my rod in half. I wasn’t upset, I own two more rods just like it. We had only one more spot to fish. We hauled water at the last spot and went to the ramp. Super fun day on a super fun lake. Off at 1:00pm.
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