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Any doubts I had about this bass fishery were completely erased today. Lady Bird is a phenomenal bass fishery. My opinion is based on fishing only a small portion of this lake: Fiesta Gardens to First Street.

I put in at 6:30am on the heels of a yakker. I was surprised that no other anglers were on the lake. I guess they’re scared of the alligator.

I shoved off and cast out. My crankbait was immediately struck and I boated a small bass. I worked upriver alternating between swim-jig and crankbait. Only the crankbait was producing, and by the fifth bass, I was cranking exclusively.

The sun came up and I moved closer to the bank and fished a weightless wacky senko. I got six on senko before shifting back to cranking. I caught a good’un on the crank by the Hyatt, I was getting very stoked. In my excitement, I snagged the boat with the crankbait on my forecast and destroyed the lure, doh!

I applied SPF, made a 180, and went back down river. I got a couple more on senko and drop-shot, but the active feeding period was over. The lake was chock full of foxes on paddleboards, so I stuck around. Lots of swimmers and dogs in the water. Off at noon.

I’m enjoying a snack of air-fried salted shishito peppers while I write this. Can’t wait to get back to the Bird!
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