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After suffering a near total mojo collapse last weekend and nursing a sore lower back, I dutifully rolled out of bed before five am, like a weekend angler does. I thought about taking the yak to a nearby mud hole, but where’s the glory in that? I checked the Fake Radar and made the commute downtown.

I said good morning to one of the Bird regulars as he launched. He told me he caught a eight and a half pounder several months ago. The giants are in here. I launched and trolled uplake. I was getting perch tapped pretty good. I got to Waller and caught three bass on senko from a containment boom. I went on to Congress where I got two more senko fish and one on a fluke. I tried my honey hole at First Street, but hauled water. The lake was hoppin’, a large flotilla of people enjoying a beautiful summer day on the water.

I decided to go on up to Seaholm and dropped anchor in the shadow of the shoreline trees. I had to shout a warning at a young lady piloting a coach’s boat at around 15 knots on a collision course and was not looking where she was going. She heard me and changed course twenty feet from my stern and passed five feet off my starboard gunwale. I interrupted the conversation she was having with the other motorboat and told her, “Fifty feet! FIFTY FEET!” She was definitely in the reckless category.

Seaholm was a bust so I started fishing my way back to the ramp. I forgot to buy parking, but I really wanted to stay. I figured a good’un would be worth the twenty dollar ticket. I got to the Statesman and bombed out the Ol’ Monster. I missed a strike from way out. I quickly reeled in and made an identical cast, dead into the wind about fifty yards. I felt a tug, reeled down and slammed the hook home. Oh man, this felt like a good fish. Sho nuff, this was a bona fide good’un: three-pound ten-ounce beauty! Time to head in, save what’s left of my back for tomorrow. Off at noon.
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