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Happy Juneteenth! Happy Father’s Day!

I backed down the Holiday Inn ramp at 5:00am. I looked both ways before I launched, since APD is running PWC’s before sunrise and TPWD is gliding in with seaplane. The coast clear, I made revolutions uplake. I fished along the north bank in the dark, making a couple casts here and there and pushing onward. I was beating the bank and only small fish were nipping the lures. I managed to hook a cool-looking male warmouth.

Dawn was breaking as I approached the Ann Richards bridge. I saw bass busting out in the middle of the lake. I abandoned the bank and trolled out to the middle. I’ve had only one other topwater opportunity this year, at Pflugerville, but this looked to be promising. I cast out the Chug Bug, popped it a couple times and it was struck. It was on like Donkey Kong.

I will stop short of calling it an ”epic” morning , but it was pretty gosh darn good. A paddleboarder arrived at the same time I did. I was struck and was reeling in the fish when I saw his rod bend. I asked if he was hooked up. He said, “Yep, we’re doubled up!”

My fish was feeling pretty heavy. When I looked in the water, I was surprised to see two fish on the plug. I said, “I’ve got two on! We’re tripled!” This was a first for me, I’ve not caught two fish on one lure before. The bigger fish was my best of the day, 3lb-7oz, I caught eight on top including two more three-pounders. The paddleboarder and I both switched to crankbait and we were both catching fish on nearly every other cast. I caught seven on the crank.

The bridge bite slowed and I decided to go uplake. I got to Seaholm and the current was really strong. The dam release was moving lots of loose fanwort down river and it was hard to fish. I went back down to the Hyatt and anchored on a grass flat. The sun was up. The squeak of the swan pedal boats carried over the lake. A large flotilla of various colored kayaks, canoes and paddle boards surrounded me. I caught fish on drop shot and Texas rig to the cheers of the flotilla.

I really enjoyed catching on topwater and crankbait at daybreak, but I’m a slack-line fisherman. Getting a bite on TR Ol‘ Monster and going full send, I love that feeling. I was using a 3/16oz tungsten and a thin wire 3/0 EWG hook. I was swinging so hard on these fish I started to develop some strain in my right elbow. Such a tough problem to have, right?

I drifted down to Congress and chatted with Brian. He had fished Belton yesterday and gave a report. He caught a couple of fish while we talked. I wished him luck and continued downlake. I caught a couple more senko fish and a couple of drop-shot fish on my way back to the ramp. I caught over thirty fish. Off at noon.
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