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A couple weeks ago I posted about a doofus that was asleep in his car that was parked on the Holiday Inn ramp at the water’s edge. This morning the same car was on the ramp, not at the water’s edge but still occupying a lane. Just as I did a few weeks back, I honked as I backed down. As I began rigging out the Pond Prowler, the doofus asked if I had a “Pop-a-lock.” He had locked his keys and his phone in his car…on the ramp! And, like last time, he asked if I had any water.

He told me he had used Holiday Inn’s phone to call a locksmith. I doubted the locksmith would be jumping out of bed at 5:30 Sunday morning and told the doofus he might be waiting awhile. I keep a five foot length of 12 gauge grid wire in my toolbox for this situation. I gave it to him, along with instructions on how to unlock his car. His girlfriend was passed out on the lawn and his dogs were barking. He was more intent on tying a swivel on to his line than listening to what I was telling him. I resumed rigging my boat. I launched and made turns uplake.

I went with my usual track. I caught a couple of fish at Blunn Creek with the custom jackhammer I had found at Seaholm earlier this year. I moved up to Waller Creek and caught a couple of fish with the Cotton Cordell deep diver crankbait I had found at Pflugerville earlier this year. I like using lures that I find in the water for two good reasons. First of all, they’re free! Secondly, I like that someone else had confidence enough in the bait to not only buy it but tie it on and fish with it.

I continued to the Ann Richards bridge. I saw a large dead fish floating under the bridge. I went over to check it out. It was a ten pound mirror carp, the first one I’ve ever seen. While I drifted by, a fifteen pound turtle took a huge bite out of the carp’s gill. When I reached for the camera, the turtle saw me and sounded. From under the bridge. I caught a couple more bass with the C.C. , including a three pounder. I switched to Shad Rap and caught a fun fish. I started to make a video. I snagged the Shad Rap on a brushpile, so I stowed the phone so I could retrieve the crank.

I decided to press on, and I caught a couple of senko fish from Shoal Creek. I got to Seaholm and stopped to visit with one of the regulars. He asked if I saw the meth-head couple camping at the ramp. Yeah, LOL, I saw them. I caught a couple more on the C.C. The sun was up and the wind was blowing. I decided to take it easy, so I went back downlake to First Street and anchored in the shade. It was a good choice. The bass were actively feeding under the bridge. I was getting bit on every cast and getting most of them to the boat. I made another video. I’m not too terribly keen on the video idea, because there are tons of fishing videos out there, but I’ll put a link.

Very fun day at the Bird. I caught twenty-three bass and one bluegill. Off at 12:30PM, ramp was easier to use with campers gone.

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