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I took yesterday off. I needed to recuperate from the whuppin’ those mean ol’ Decker bass had put on me Black Friday. I hoped yesterday’s rainy cool front would blow it self out. Sure enough, I opened the garage door this morning to the calm, quiet (and dry) chill.

I checked the rainfall totals and figured the Bird would be a murky mess, but I didn’t want to drive to Bastrop. As far as going back to Decker, well, I might be holding a grudge, so I made the commute downtown to the Holiday Inn ramp.

I launched at 7:00AM between a couple of the regular yakkers, who both made turns upriver. I opted to fish my way upriver. I was trying this and that and nothing was biting. I spent some time at Waller, trying both sides of the wing dam and some of the other cover. I moved up to Congress and went straight to my honey hole at the middle pylon of the Ann Richards bridge but nobody home. I went up to First Street Bridge. I was crankin’ and wormin’ and hauling water. I rigged up a drop-shot and caught a cutie-pie from under the bridge. I moved upriver out from under the bridge to drop-shot some of the cover there and got another peanut.

I drifted back down, fishing the fanwort near the Hyatt shoreline. By now the sun was up and there were lots of rowers on the lake and people on the trail. I went back to my Congress honey hole. One of the yakkers came back thru. He said he’d caught one so far, ouch. I fished the shoreline along the Statesman getting a couple of perch taps. I went back to Waller and fish were busting in the drain but would not eat senko, crankbait or beaver.

I went back to the south shoreline. I anchored on the outside edge at a spot I found a couple weeks ago. I was determined to catch a fish and after twenty or so casts, a fun-fish smoked the big ribbontail, yeah buddy! I couldn’t get any of his friends to bite so I moved on and started fishing the elevated hike and bike. I was near the interstate, drifting nearly under the Trail. I twisted the tiller to move out away from the pylons when a fun-fish slammed the TR D-Bomb. It was nearly an over-the-shoulder hookset. I commenced to show out, getting congratulatory cheers from the Trail.

I moved the boat under the Trail to fish the backs of the pylons. I let the D-Bomb settle and started pulling some line off the reel to re-dress the spool. I put the line back on and lifted the rod tip. I felt something amiss so I r’ared back and started showing out, hollering, “GOT HIM!” This got the attention of a dozen trail walkers who lined the hand rail to watch me play the fish to the boat. I was stoked to see that it was a “splotchy” bass. In fact, it is the same “splotchy” bass I caught last week. I explained this to the crowd and extolled the benefits of Catch & Release. I asked one of the trail walkers to get a picture for me.

I took it to the ramp. I backed down to the water’s edge and loaded up. I went to start the F-150 but all I got was a click. Click, click, click. I grabbed my fishing pliers from the boat box, crawled under the truck and hammered on the starter solenoid. Started right up. Off at 3:00PM.
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