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I spent a lot of time drying out my gear from yesterday’s soaking at Decker. Half of my reels were waterlogged from being dunked in the flooded cockpit. The other half were backlashed from trying to cast with ski gloves on. Several items needed repair because of water causing adhesives failure, including my fishing boots and the front troller shaft guide sleeve (I cut in due to the boat’s manufacturer not providing freeboard for the front transom). I put my bib, gloves and coat in the dryer. I had fans blowing over Plano boxes and boots and a heat lamp aimed at the RTV curing on the bow. Soft plastics were laid out on paper towels to dry. Both batts were dead and in my haste to be ready for today, I boiled the bow batt.

I woke up anxious to load it all back up. I considered going back to Decker for some redemption. I also considered Bastrop because of its warmer water temps. I figured Lady Bird would be a chocolate milk mess from the rain. Too much wind for Pflugerville. I looked at the rainfall totals for the LCRA lakes yesterday. With all that fan wort filtering, surely the Town Lake water will be fishable, so that’s where I went.

I made the commute taking the upper deck, noting the UT Tower was Half Orange Half White. I backed down the Holiday Inn ramp, already scoping the water and liking what I saw. I checked the Fake Radar; a dense squall line was racing up from Laredo. I figured I’d get wet again. A couple of the regular yakkers launched right after me. It was around 7:00AM.

I fished my way uplake and could not get bit. I got to a wing dam and cast out a flat-sided diving crankbait. The crank was struck, but the wily fun-size bass jumped off boatside. I hoped that was a good omen, but I fished for another hour with out a bite. The yakkers were through with Congress and headed uplake. I opted to fish their dirty water and posted up on an Ann Richards pylon. I was hitting the concrete with the TR beaver and the bass were eating it on the fall. I caught seven from the pylon and then went to First Street. I could not get bit at First Street. I turned around and fished my way back downlake.

I rotated thru my rods, stopping to fish all my choice spots and nothing was biting. Time to do something different. If the bass were at the Ann Richards pylon, maybe they’ll be on a Butler Trail pylon. I went to some deeper Butler Trail pylons that I usually skip past on my way to the 35 pylons. I cast under the hike & bike and let the beaver sink next to the column, BAM, fish on and its a good’un. Of course, I showed out for the joggers on the Trail, twerking and shouting, “I NEED THIS FISH!”

I caught four from the Butler Trail. They were eating it on the fall. One of them was a handsome splotchy bass. Aren’t we supposed to send the picture to GW? I tried drop-shotting the 35 pilings but hauled water. I went a couple hundred yards east of 35 to try more Trail columns. I felt a raindrop and headed for the ramp. The yakkers were already on the ramp. They’d caught four between the two of them. Off at 1:30PM.
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