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I launched first from Holiday Inn at 6am. I trolled across to the elevated hike and bike and got three on Jackhammer. I went up to Waller and got five on senko. I wasn’t feeling it at the first two bridges so I kept moving uplake. I caught more senko fish at Shoal. I cruised on up to Lamar, weaving through insanely heavy rowing traffic.

At Lamar I fished for effect, nailing fun-fish after fun-fish with the shakeyhead. Finally I caught a good’un, going 3 pounds even on the scale. I was swinging hard with every tap. One of the regular yakkers remarked that the Bill Dance hookset was stretching the fish a couple inches on the set. I went back to Seaholm and found the hungry fish. I lost count of how many I caught. Like Longhorn says, I probably need a clicker.

It was a very pleasant morning, with some mist on the windshield on the way into town. Winter gloves were not necessary. The water is very clear. A man in a yak collected a trash bag worth of flotsam from the storm drain on the south side at Lamar. The cypress are turning a beautiful orange, the willows yellow. Town Lake is showing her autumn colors. The wind was variable til noon, when it started gusting up and blowing the clouds out, revealing the ongoing government aerial spraying. I stayed an hour after my parking expired, but luckily did not get a ticket. Off at 1:30pm.
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