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Todd and I launched from Holiday Inn a minute before safe light and headed uplake. Yesterday, I inadvertently poked a hole in the Pond Prowler’s starboard hull patch at the Decker ramp. I made a hasty plug with RTV silicone last night. We decide to run lighter for prudence sake with only one battery and just the aft troller. We were still grossly overloaded by the enormous weight of tackle we bring on every trip, LOL!

I rang the flank bell and we topped out at three miles per hour with sights set on Waller. Once on station, we carpet-bombed the blowdown and had six senko fish in the boat before the sun came up. We pressed on picking up a couple more senko fish at Four Seasons. We zilched at the first two bridges and scooted on up to Seaholm where I made a pause for the cause. We decided to fish a bit at Seaholm but the fish weren’t there so on up we went.

We cruised under the freshly tagged trestle. A musician set up his synth and speaker on the Pfluger pedestrian bridge, alternating between guitar and organ set to an upbeat drum track. Endless summer bikini babes on paddleboards drifted downlake. I was still bundled up like the kid from Christmas Story. Last time here, I promised I would not engage with rowers. All morning long, we would politely wave at rowers, or nod or even bid good morning. We were fishing the outside edge of the fan wort at Lamar. A rower paddled over the grass and Todd said, “Good morning.”

”I’ve been rowing here for twenty years and I’ve never seen a fish caught from the middle of the lake. You’d do better to fish the edges,” the rower said.

I forgot my promise and immediately piped up, “Last month I saw a ten pounder caught out of the smack dab middle of the lake. That wasn’t twenty years ago!” Forgive me, Lord! I went on a good run of fun-fish at Lamar. The rower was wrong. The fish were in the middle of the lake. I was casting a 3/16oz shakeyhead trick worm into twelve to fifteen FOW and reeling one in every other cast.

I think the dam was releasing because the current began to move us downlake. We went along for the ride, the west wind aiding the drift. Auditorium Shores was a bust, so was the Hyatt however I did get a shakeyhead fish at Congress. We found ourselves back at the Waller blowdown where I got a couple of funfish on Texas rigged Ol’ Monster and Todd got a senko fish.

We left them biting and went to the ramp. We caught twentyone largemouth. I doubled Todd’s count. The only reason I’m pointing that out is because more often than not he doubles me. Off at noon.
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