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Like to hear a story? Here it go…

Todd and I launched the Pond Prowler from Holiday Inn at 5:00am. We trolled across to the southern bank and worked our way uplake. The water was murky with a lots of flotsam. After an hour on the southern bank with no bites, we trolled back across to the mouth of Waller Creek. I caught one on a senko, which must have fired them up, because Todd caught the next four.

We hauled water at Congress. A drunk was hanging over the rail and caterwauling from the First Street Bridge. We pressed on. We saw lots of activity in the water at the mouth of Shoal Creek. As we got closer, a talented rapper was busting rhymes from the island bridge. When he saw us, he started dropping lyrics with “largemouth bass” in them. We were grooving on the tune. Todd said he missed a good bite near the rapper, threw back in and scored a tub on the follow up. We weighed the three pound fourteen ounce beauty. We called for the rapper to come back, this fish really liked his singing.

Todd was great at finding the key spots at Shoal Creek island and wrestled four more largemouth from the holes in the flotsam. I added a couple to my count as well. We kept moving uplake. Just like last week, we really worked over the grass at Lamar and didn’t get a single bite. We turned around and started downlake. We hailed a couple yakkers who are regulars. We were chatting about this and that when I and both yakkers hooked up: a triple!

I have reported on my “yakker aquaintance” before. He is an angler of the finest quality, in skill and temperament. He helped me figure out how to dropshot a couple years ago at Pflugerville. I’ve seen him regularly since then on different bodies of water. He’s been on a quest for a Double Digit Largemouth. He has come close on many occasions, which goes to show you, Double Digit fish are not an everyday thing, even for the bad-assest of anglers.

His rod bent double and he said, “This is a big one,” in his imperturbable way. The fish jumped and it was obvious what was happening. It was a bit surreal, and it happened so fast. I got my phone out of the boat box and snapped a pic as he stood up and netted the fish. He was less than thirty feet away. He held up the fish to us and asked us to guess the weight. Todd’s calibrated eyeball was an ounce over. The actual weight: TEN POUNDS ELEVEN OUNCES! Congratulations Nathan on Personal Best Largemouth. It was my honor to watch you catch your long deserved trophy.

Nathan told us he was going to try for schooling down at thirty-five. I’m sure he needed some relaxing to get his heart-rate back to normal. We picked up a couple from Auditorium Shores and one from First Street. The bite slowed but we were still getting senko fish from underneath overhangs. I spotted GW’s CC cruising uplake along the north bank. We were near the south bank hike and bike going the other way. They turned and intercepted us. It’s been since before this whole Covid thing that we’d been checked. I’m glad to see them back on the water.

We were also glad to see Juan, who was taking out as we pulled up to the ramp. Good to see you Juan! I had a really fun day, fishing with Todd and visiting with friends and catching a few largemouth to boot. Off At noon.
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