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I launched third from Holiday Inn at 6:15am. I saw the yakkers who launched first and hailed them in the darkness. They trolled over to say good morning. They asked where Todd was. I said I begged him to come, but he had other plans, so I was sailing solo. They were going all the way uplake to Mopac or so. I said I’d probably turn around at Seaholm. We parted ways and I went to Waller.

Last night, I rearranged and retied my gear. I broke my Texas Rig rod last week on a snag. It was a Tec Spec Black 6-10 MHXF that has hosted my Curado for five years. I went to Dicks’ and got the closest replacement, a new Tec Spec Black 7-2 MHF with psuedo Winn grips. I mounted my Curado on it. I set my Revo S on my other five year old cork handled Tec Spec Black, a 7-0 MXF, and tied on a Spot Remover shakeyhead. I brought the full arsenal to Lady Bird: nine rods.

I found a ready bite at Waller. I caught six in a row on WW senko. I added two more with TR ribbontail, a couple of two-and-a-half pounders. The new rod is awesome! The sun was up, but behind a full overcast of clouds and fog. I cruised to Congress. I tried four different pull baits and hauled water. I set those down. I anchored up near the First Street bridge and foolishly engaged in a heated discussion of maritime right of way with some rowers. Oh, mercy! I promise not to do that again.

I shook off the nonsense. I cast out the shakeyhead. My line was swimming. I r’ared back and got good weight, the extra fast rod perfectly suited for shakeyhead. I started carrying on, shouting, “LOOK IT HEE-AH! LOOK IT HEE-AH! ITS A BIG BASS!” Who needs a row boat, now?

I caught a bunch more on the shakeyhead. I trolled on up to Seaholm. I caught a couple three-and-a-halfs on the shakeyhead. I also caught fish on senko, drop-shot and ribbontail. The yakker came back from Mopac. We fished Seaholm together for a minute while we conversed. I shared my morning exploits with him. He gave a positive report from uplake, his best five an inch shy of the century mark. It was only 11am.

I told him I was going back to First Street. I made a couple casts at Auditorium Shores along the way and got some cutie-pies on the senko. First Street was infested with sunfish. The sunfish didn’t like where I was casting my lures, so they’d move it over a couple feet for me. I was going full send on ghost fish.

The yakker had left Seaholm and joined me at First Street. He was working the next set of pilings over when a young couple with a dog in an inflatable kayak turtled. Both me and the yakker quickly moved to assist. We got them righted and the yakker towed them to shore while I skimmed for sandals and plastic bags with kibble.

We both went to Congress but on opposite shores. I had picked the right shore for once in my life. I caught five in a row on the shakeyhead. At one point I thought I was snagged, jammed between rocks, when a 4-pound 10-ounce tub lifted it free for me. I smacked back and hollered. A couple on the bridge railing cheered me on, telling me nice fish and GO ASTROS!

What a day. Beautiful weather. Beautiful lake. Beautiful fish. When the late President George H.W. Bush was inducted in the B.A.S.S. Hall of Fame he said, “I count my blessings with a rod and reel in my hand.” Amen! Off at 2:15pm.
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