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I thought about going back to Decker to prove to myself that I could catch them there. Yesterday was a disaster from the git. I spilled the entire Yeti on the F-150’s bench seat, I forgot my senko rod and I snagged and lost my little Yo-Zuri 3DB jerkbait. Today, the wind was right, I’m sure whoever went there tore ‘em up. But Decker is a challenge in a battery boat, even with the right wind.

The Pond Prowler is perfect for Lady Bird. I take 9 or more rods and plenty of food and water. I like the Sunday free parking at Lady Bird. I have come to really enjoy fishing Lady Bird on Sundays.

I made the early morning commute downtown, looking forward to having coffee with Mr. Micropterus. I took the upper deck of I-35 over the UT campus. Someone once told me the bizarre roadway design was the brainchild of an Aggie.

I readied the Prowler on the Holiday Inn ramp, averting my eyes whenever a jogger came near. These people run with bright LED’s, even though the full moon and the city lights give full visibility. If I were a jogger, I guess I wouldn’t want to step in it either. I parked the hoopty in the premium spot. The Beatles were singing, “Here Comes the Sun” on the CD player when I turned it off and looked east at first light on the horizon.

With full moon and high skies, maybe funky water from storm run-off, I was actually a little pessimistic about my chances. I decide to forego my usual track of working up the Waller side. Instead, I went across to the elevated hike and bike. There are stumps on either end of the “cove” and I patiently fished these until the sun came up. I got several of the teeniest nips on the TR junior beaver, convincing me I was on the right side.

I’m wanting to get the full use out of my new DC reel, so I tied on a Shadow Rap Shad Deep and promptly snagged the stump. I tried to free the lure, making several circles around the stump until the 12# Invizx finally gave out. I hated to lose a second jerkbait in as many days, but that’s what we are supposed to do I guess. It really just makes me want to stick to Texas Rigged soft plastics.

Since the wind was coming from the North, I went back across at Waller. There is a reason JT and I fish Waller. It can be really good. As I approached Waller, I noticed a yakker on my six, a tenth of a klick behind me. I put on the afterbuners, I didn’t want the yakker overtaking me. After reading Juan’s post, I’m guessing that was him.

I made perfunctory casts at Waller and boated the first couple fish of the morning. A city barge crew were making repairs at the rowing dock, so I didn’t dawdle and pressed on to Congress. I was enjoying the fishing thus far. Most of the floating grass is gone. The water level is full pool, of course. The water was clear and surface temps got up to 61°F by the end of the day.

I set up on my honey hole at Congress and started getting bites. I got them on TR french fry and JR beaver. I needed to get the DC back in the rotation, so I tied on a Shadow Rap and caught a cutie pie. The DC reel is something else. I can cast the Shadow Rap really good with this wonder reel. I fished my way up to First Street, no bites along the way. I patiently fished the pilings at First, but I was not getting bit. So far the morning was pretty ho-hum, I wasn’t skunked but the bite was iffy at best. I thought about turning around and fishing my way back to the ramp, with a long pause at Congress. Then I looked up lake to Seaholm. Are they biting up there? Should I make revolutions for the trestle? Why not, I got all day.

It was a great choice. As soon as I came out from under First Street, I cast the JR up to the Shoal Creek drain and got slammed by a fun fish. That’s more like it. The Shoal Creek Prognosticator was delivering his sermon. This guy is as regular as I am. I’m not religious, so I don’t pay much attention to his extemporizations, but the SCP hollered, “That message is so good, can I get a WHOOP?”

Of course he can, so I obliged with a, “WHOOP!” Then my senko was engulfed off the island rocks and I boated a crazy looking polka dot fish. I’m having fun now. I got up to Seaholm and posted up on the uplake community hole. I dropped the TR french fry into the hole and it got smoked by another fun fish. I caught a couple more and moved on up to Lamar.

During the transit I marveled at all the birds. Bird watchers must be in paradise about now. I saw cardinals (and the beaver) yesterday at Decker. Today I saw all manner of waterfowl luxuriating along the Colorado. Geese, ducks, coots, cormorants and herons all in abundance. The herons always give me confidence that fish are around.

I haven’t been up to Lamar in a while. I cast the JR into the fanwort and caught one. Then I got three more on the French fry. I thought, let’s give the Kraken SP1 a try. I slow rolled the spinnerbait along the outside edge when a fish knocked major slack in the line. I caught up to him and swung him aboard. I am fully stoked now.

The lake was really hopping. Lots of recreational yakkers and paddleboarders. Several collegiate rowing crews (notably Temple Owls and Wisconsin Badgers) were on the lake and staying in their lane. Multiple groups of yaks trespassed into my cast circle, but I’ve come to accept that there’s nothing wrong with that, at all. For sure, I was showing out on most hooksets, gyrating and shouting, “GET IN THA BOAT!” and “I NEED THIS FISH!” Lots of appreciative spectators, LOL. No bass boats today, unlike last week when I saw four.

I moved back to the hole below the trestle. An angler in a canoe with outrigger sponsons port and starboard was fishing the Seaholm grass with a large glide bait. I caught a fun fish with the french fry and the canoeist gave me a wave. I could hear the freight train approaching. I told a nearby couple on paddleboards that I was going to coax a horn blast from the train. As the engine came into view, I gave the horn signal and I got multiple blasts and a friendly wave. I told the paddlboarders, “That never gets old.”

I pulled a couple more from the hole and then drifted down Auditorium Shores. I was catching senko fish from the water’s edge and going full Iaconelli on every fish. I got back down to Congress and scored a couple more fish from the honey hole. A man was playing bumper yaks with a couple of pretty girls in a tandem yak. One of the collisions sent them my way. The girls’ yak was right over my lure when it was struck. I r’ared back startling the girls, they were less than a rod length away. They had front row seats to the Jeremy show, I think one was actually video taping me, ha!

I wanted to stay. I had a lot more water to cover, but I have some thick prime New York Strips waiting for me at home. For sure, I left them biting. I wouldn’t call it an ”epic day“ or “magic day”, nothing I caught went over three. I caught 22 bass, all largemouth and mostly “keepers”. Can’t wait to get back here. Off at 4:00PM.
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