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Arrived at Quinlan around 6, and waited for light to launch. We fished mostly TR Senkos, with a little CB & WW mixed in. Red Shad was a good color on the TR, and Green Pumpkin with SpikeIt, on the WW. We fished till about 12:30, With a break for BB at Ski Shores. Mostly caught dinks, with only 3 keeps, a 1.5lb. on the TR., a 2 on the CB, and a 5 on the WW.
Damn, those BB's are good, but $27+ for two burgers and two beers? I guess it's all about LOCATION.
I have a rare Sunday off this weekend and am taking my two 20 something yo sons fishing. I am thinking Buch or Stillhouse, (I want to avoid the crowds). We only get to fish a couple of times a year. Any tips on locations/patterns will be very much appreciated.
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