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LA Today

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Went back to the lake that hurt a lot of people last weekend includung myself. Started throwing a jig but only caught a small keeper. Started throwing the F4 Tornado weightless against docks and letting the wind move the bait. I would count to ten and if I felt pressure then I would set the hook. I found Hard Head for some pics. Hope he'll post here later. Don't worry about the background in the pics, that's just where we met up.
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What in the world is an f4 tornado???????? :D

OK - now that looks familiar.


Hey Mark good seeing you on the water.   We managed 4 or 5 fish only 1 would have kept caught our fish around boat docks throwing rattlesnakes and wacky worms.

Here is the pic of Marks fish, e-mail if you need the other pics this is the best one out of the bunch nice fish!

Take Care
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Ive got some of the F8's and cant wait to get them wet at LA! Nice fish ;D
5A1B101B181D280 said:
What'd that big one weight in at?
7-3 on X-Tools. I haven't changed the battery in the thing since I've had the thing.
Nice catch Mark, those are some beauties.

Mark thanks for letting me know there are still some fish to be caught in that lake. Congrats on catching those nice BASS!

What was the water temp where you caught them? I caught only one buck bass near the back of a boat dock, in the back of a creek. 55.5 water temp.

I would think with all this warmer weather, that the fish might move up to staging pattern. But then again, LA seems to spawn later than most other...IMO
That's very impressive to be fishing finesse in that wind yesterday.
Awesome fish! I caught three of them on travis yesterday splitshotting a rattlesnake. Too bad they were about 1/10th the size of your fish... :)
I'm with Ranger. I was wondering if all the bass were gone too. I fished 8 hours or so Sat, and Sunday, and only caught one dink (wacky worm shallow), and one white. I wass tossing Black Blue jigs, and trick worms in lots of colors. Never did toss a Rattlesnake. Maybe tomorow...
It’s amazing what low pressure, Full moon and Cloud cover will make for fishing. Fine Job!
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