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I went out to LA with a buddy of mine. we were on the lake by 7am. worked the docks a bit with only a few bites, but couldn't get them in the boat. We moved north and talked to a couple of guys that seemed to have the same issue with the fish hitting the bait but not taking it. by 930 we thought the skunk was on our boat again. We moved a bit farther north to a cove that I have fished a couple of times in the past. The third cast in I hooked up with the biggest fish of my life. She weighed just over 10 lbs. Her belly was very loose as if she had already dropped her eggs. She was a beauty. We fished that cove a little longer and then worked our way back south fishing the docks and didn't catch anything else.

My dad always said if your only gonna catch one, make it be "The One" fish was caught on a watermelon salt infused slug fished texas rigged. all bites came on this rig or white jig with watermelon trailer.

Fish was caught in 6 fow 59.5 degrees.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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