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Met up with Gene around 5pm. The boat traffic got bad, quick. We caught some nice bass, just no big ones. Bass were buried in the grass or on edge of grass. I caught and lost a few, all on my swimbait. Gene caught his on watermelon plastics. He had his first swimbait bass on, before the bass jumped off...Oh well. He will get the hang of it. They hit it like a freight train!!

Tried topwater, with no luck. Saw a big bass, blow-up on a 4 to 5" shad. WOW...I tried to catch it,  but the boat waves got bad and we had to move off that spot.

With the full moon, I think the bite shut down at dark. Probably could have found some bigger fish, if we had stayed after dark. But in his Pelican-10 foot boat at night, it would have been interesting..

Thanks again, Gene. I still cannot say I have found a big bass pattern, even though I have been on some solid fish lately.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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