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long time since I had anything worth reporting.

I went out Friday night after work. got out there about 7pm, left around 9pm. Threw a new lipless crank I bought as I would float from one dock to the next, then flip a weightless rattlesnake at the posts as I got in close. Caught a 4-0 (big fatty fish) and a 2-2 on the lipless crank, and another that would have been borderline keeper on the snake. Also tried DD14, spinner bait, shakeyhead with no luck.

Yesterday afternoon hit the water 4:15ish after watching a fishing show that morning. Guy was throwing frogs in hydrilla so I thought ah what the hell i havent tossed a frog in LA in a while so I went north and fished for about 45 mins before my dog decided the hydrilla looked like a dock and jumped for it. She then swam ashore and chased three deer half way up a cliff. So there I was in 61 degree water (which was up 4 degrees since Friday) trying to figure out how to get to the shore through the 30 solid yards of hydrilla to the shore lned with briars. Started hollering at her and she jumped back in the water and swam all the way back out to me. It was actually really hilarious bc she was all out of breath from climbing the cliff and swimming. THEN, figured Id head back toward the docks since it was getting dark quick. Motor wont start. Trim wont budge. ALL other instruments worked just fine. Had to be a fuse or a wire. Couldnt find anything loose or irregular. So now im 14 miles from the 360 launch, no motor, a wet whining dog, oh and did I mention my cell phone was going dead? Ha, ended up calling my dad to see if he knew a solution. nothing worked. Then I thought well hell ill switch the batteries out and then noticed one of the nuts on the terminal was loose. Started right up and crisis averted! One smaller keeper in the boat but only fished for maybe an hour total :(

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