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Sorry for the Late Report. Fished the Big Sandy Creek Bass Club T Sunday morning from 4A to 12P. Decided to stay mid-lake to find limit first, then upgrade later. Worked docks with my partner with a senko, then switched to swimbaits later in the morning. Finished up with a cr. We never went longer than 20 min without a bite, mixed dinks with keepers throughout the day. We just kept moving until we found the fish. Wound up my best 5 were close to 10, my partner was about the same. Finished 1st with the only 2 limits of the T and 19.6lbs for the team total. :eek: Partner went through almost 15 dinks before his first keeper, then caught his last keeper with 30 min to go. Never give up on LA!
Pics to be posted on When they are, I'll update them here.

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