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LA PB 7/22

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I know this is a dink compared to what many of you often catch, but I caught my personal best last night around 11:20 on Lake Austin.  Wow!  That was a blast.  I've never caught anything before that spooled out everything I reeled in right at the edge of the boat, and twice at that!

My son was not there to help me so I had to land the thing on my own, without a net.  In the end the hook on my lure was destroyed (bent to the point it broke on removal).  I was using a gold colored kast master type spoon near the green underwater lights above 360.

So here is a picture, it is not great.  It was dark and I only had my cell phone.  You can't see the marking on the ruler but it was 21 inches and the weight was 4 lbs 7 to 10 ounces.

Now I just need to step up to a double digit!

For me it was a bit slow last night. I also caught one white/hybrid (hard to tell sometimes but when I get them on LA I assume they are hybrid) that was chunky but only 16 inches. Right after the one in the picture I caught a 14" LMB (same lure, new hook) and there were a few others that were smaller. I was there from sunset until 1 AM. (My son would have been bored, right up until 11:20!) I bumped into some ABF lurkers at the ramp on the way back that said they also caught personal bests last night. I think I heard 5.1 for one of them.

Thanks to all for the tips that led to this. That was fun! Interestingly, I couldn't get bites on anything but spoons last night.
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Love seeing that shadow as it passes through those lights.

Humbug! I guess we left too early :(

We got out there about 6:30, stayed til 10:30 when i used my herculean strength to pull the lifting cord off of my trolling motor. Ended up having to undo the front mounting clamp and pull the motor off the boat with the hinge still locked in place.

We caught 3 between the two us, but all dinks with the biggest being 14". All caught before dark in and around trees and hydrilla with rattletrap and beetlespin. I got some nibbles and a couple big hits on my rattlesnake and swimbait, but couldnt get anything to take it (plus i need more practice on setting the hook).

Ah well, hopefully ill get some practice this weekend at the Dodge Mega Tourney out at Sam Rayburn.

Congrats on the PB keep it up and who knows what you might achieve out there.
Great job... and thaks for posting.
Congrats!! On a spoon, who would have thought ;D
Nice toad Als
lunker-hunter said:
Congrats!! On a spoon, who would have thought ;D
Nice toad Als
Yea, lately spoons have been really doing the trick for me. I used to swear by crankbait, especially on underwater lights, but lately I can't get the fish to even notice the crankbait (except to spook them). And last night they wouldn't even take my Rattlesnakes.

I've found that I lose a lot of spoons on the bottom -- especially the bomber slabs, but they've been working when nothing else will. I've been using Berry's Tackle Flex It spoons (I bought all of them that I could find a Wal-Mart) with great success on Lake Travis, but I lost 2 of them last night on the bottom of LA and decided to go for the more easily replacable gold spoon/slab. I was amazed at the results. First catch was a little catfish, then the two LMBs.

Again, thanks to all for the congrats and the tips! I hope the storms pass quickly so I can get back out there!
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Way to go. You are on your way. It's great that you don't get locked into "uni-bait" mode and that you try different things. You just never know what they might like to bite.
"Incriments of 4lbs. grasshopper..." ;D That's an awesome fish, I don't care who you ask or what lake your fishing! Congrats!
Congratulations! Did you catch any whites at all?
Great catch. I think I saw you on the green lights that night. I was out there with a buddy of mine from San Antonio until about midnight. We had 2 3lber's, 1 2lber, and I had 2 5+lbers right by the boat and both of them spit the hook. Makes me sick. The second one was at about 11:30. Seems like the fish move up after dark.

Boehmer said:
Great catch.  I think I saw you on the green lights that night. -Kiel
You can always tell it is me if you see a ski boat (Bayliner 175) adapted for fishing. I haven't seen any others out there! Feel free to stop and say hi next time!

cjconner said:
Congratulations!  Did you catch any whites at all?
It is hard to say... Yes, I think so, but I am never quite sure on LA if they are whites or hybrids. If they definitely only have one stripe and no broken ones, which I see more often on Travis, then I trust my judgement more. When they get as chunky as the 16" one I caught that night on LA it is harder to tell. I can never really tell by the tooth patches because they never look like the picture in the TPWD book.
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