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Ok, so I have grown up in Central Texas fishing Lake Austin, Travis, Buch, etc...
For the past few years I had absolutely disliked Austin because I feel there is no true "figuring things out" or "patterning" to be had on this lake due to its river structure and moving/ not moving water. Recently I have taken another look and began to feel a bit better about the lake. My new theory: I take a look at the lake different each and every time I go out now as if it were a completely different lake each time. This way I don't get stuck running around to the same old water hoping a hawg happens to be laying up that day. With this new theory and trying to exclude all previous encounters of fish, I have started to become a bit more consistant; though I know I will get it handed to me somtimes, I don't get as discouraged...

Today I started with a few hits of the snooz button knowing that in a month or so I will be fishing non-stop and I should take advantage of this sleeping in bit. Launched about 8 or 8:30 and stoped once or twice on my way up the lake. Nada. Wasn't feeling it. So I made a long haul up to some deeper grass outside of the mats and close to some isolated rock and hooked into a good one while talking to my realator on the phone..."CALL YOU BACK!" Thought this was going to be a pig until it came up. Right around 5 lbs. give or take. Worked the area about 20 more minute having a hard time holding as the wind was howling and stuck another good one a little over 4. Started switching baits and seeing what I could get bit on and ended up back with a light Tx-Rigged Grande Bass Rattle Snake. Shook another couple after a long couple of cast, then had to re-group. Got back in position and landed one near 3 (probably 2.5). Decided to start heading back towards the ramp as the weather turned.
Stoped for about 5 minutes at a couple spots, Nada. A few drops of rain and some cold winds and I decided to load up around 11. As soon as I loaded the boat and got on 360, the sun came out and I kind of regreted making such a short day of it but oh well. Not bad for 2.5 hours and in a tourney would be happy with one solid fish every hour! About 11.5lbs on 3 keepers-
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